ARP Technologies Announces Cisco Unified Communication 8.0 Training

ARP Technologies Inc., a Cisco Training Partner, announces an updated curriculum for Cisco Unified Communication 8.0 training. Our new course offerings will be available nationwide beginning January 1, 2011 – allowing current students to finish their v7.x training track. With conveniently scheduled public courses beginning in 2011, and private classes for v8.x available upon demand for businesses with immediate deployments, ARP is ready to facilitate this market transition. Our curriculum caters to both novice telephony administrators new to the world of digital communications as well as advanced IT specialists eager to learn about the latest features of Cisco’s communication technologies.

ARP Technologies consistently provides training and technology expertise, cost effectively and flexibly, in order to deliver timely high quality training globally. Our equipment is state of the art and updated regularly as is the information technologies industry. We pride ourselves on bringing the latest Cisco technologies to the classroom first.

Cisco Unified Communications version 8 delivers new collaboration experiences and benefits across global and organizational boundaries, including:

* Comprehensive business-to-business communications, offering transparent collaboration with peer-to-peer technology

* A broad choice of interoperable communications endpoints, including iPhone, Nokia, and Blackberry mobile devices

* Deployment flexibility, including on-premises appliance based or VMware based, in the cloud, hosted, managed, or in implement in “cut-over” phases

* Integrated user and customer experiences, to enhance collaboration with two-way video on multiple end points
“Cisco believes that collaboration will drive the next era of business productivity, and effective collaboration will not be possible without communications,” said Barry O’Sullivan, senior vice president, Voice Technology Group, Cisco. “With the introduction of Cisco Unified Communications 8.0, we are fundamentally shifting the way organizations can communicate. We’re enabling organizations to use collaboration as a key differentiator as they communicate with partners, suppliers and customers using a range of tools from fixed and mobile phones to enterprise instant messaging, to the Web and video across organizational boundaries.”

ARP Technologies’ training curriculum is designed to guide new or current telephony administrators through introductory concepts, products, and implementations focusing on the next generation of Unified Communication solutions. From there, students can take a variety of intermediate courses that focus on specific Cisco Communications products and advanced training that tie the technologies together and provide a solid base for troubleshooting so businesses can maximize the benefits offered by integrating the products seamlessly in the workplace environment.

Some of ARP Technologies’ new Cisco courses include:

* ICOMM: Administering Cisco Voice and Communications – This course develops the skills needed to administer endpoints and end users in Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

* CVOICE v8.x: Implementing Cisco Voice Communications and QoS – This course provides an understanding of converged voice and data networks along with the challenges faced by the various network technologies.
These are just a few of the 12 new courses, exclusive classes, and updates to official Cisco curriculum that ARP Technologies is releasing.

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