English Courses For International Students

The education system of English courses was developed due to the great demand to learn English because thousands of foreign young people would prefer to get their education in Britain. This demand appeared about fifty years ago when international trade and globalization had grown up to the whole world scale, and more and more young people would like to make a good career and get good jobs at international market arena.

Thus, British colleges started offering numerous English courses which were specially designed for international students and could be recognized by educational institutions throughout the world. Most British colleges have provided English courses for international students for over a few decades and, therefore can offer well qualified and experienced teachers who use modern teaching methods in order to give international students maximum opportunity to actually use English in class and help students to learn quickly. Many colleges have Education Advisers who can help English classes students with their practice and choice of English level. Most colleges which are specialized in English courses for international students are recognized as members of British Association of State English Language Teaching. The British Council inspects the English for International Students courses regularly. Many colleges have been accredited by The British Council as part of the English in Britain Accreditation Scheme to insure that their courses reflect students needs and interests. Colleges administrations have developed consultation process at the start of English courses and during the study.

English courses curriculum is adopted to international students needs and demands and may vary from very intensive lessons to just a few hours a week. Usually English classes are divided according to the students future career, however most of them are career related.

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