Opportunity to Learn Chinese in China

China is a land of opportunities with more than 20 percent of the world’s population living here. Many people across the globe want to learn Chinese in China. There are many schools providing study abroad programs to learn Chinese. The nature of programs differs depending on the course module and duration.

Types of Chinese Courses

There are various types of courses provided by various educational institutions to learn Chinese in China. A few types are mentioned below:

Learning in Groups

There are many institutes that provide Chinese lessons in groups. The number of students in each group varies- from 25 to 50. The schools deliver 20-32 lessons per week. There are many advantages to learning Chinese in groups. The groups would always be dynamic and the group activities will keep you engaged. Learning in groups would also give you ample opportunity for interaction and the learning process will be far more enjoyable.

One-to-One Learning

There are various schools and institutions that provide individual Chinese classes. One teacher will be assigned per student and they will provide at least 30 classes in a week. The most important advantage of one-to-one learning is that the student will get an undivided attention and focus from the teacher. The program will be more flexible as well because the student gets the opportunity to select the areas of study. One can choose the basic Chinese course to intensive lessons in this type of learning.

Learning Individual Courses in Groups

Another type of course to learn Chinese in China is taking up individual courses in groups. In this type of learning process, the individual topics will be selected by the students and it will be taught in small groups. Usually, the size of the group would not exceed 20 students and the teachers will teach at least 4-5 individual lessons per week. The group will have students from across the world and learning in such lively groups is a great experience.

Internship Programs and Study Abroad Programs

There are many schools that provide study abroad programs for students who wish to learn Chinese in China. The various programs include internship programs, corporate programs, short term China Immersion Home Stay package, and academic year programs. These programs provide an opportunity for foreign students to learn Chinese in China. Most of the programs last for two to three months.

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